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 Kaywinnet "Kaylee" Prasinus

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PostSubject: Kaywinnet "Kaylee" Prasinus   Kaywinnet "Kaylee" Prasinus Icon_minitimeMon Dec 30, 2013 9:25 pm


Name: Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Prasinus

Age: 132 years old. Appears to be around age 24 most of the time through the use of her semblance.

Gender: Female

Symbol: TBD

Occupation: Huntress, Vale Arena Event Coordinator and Announcer

Appearance: Kaylee is around 5 foot 8 inches, weighing in at 132 lbs. She has curly Auburn hair that she pulls back in to a ragged ponytail, with two smaller plaits framing her face. Her bangs are rather loose, covering her entire forehead and parts of her eyes. Her eyes are a vivd emerald green, and always seem alert. Her alabaster skin is scar-free and littered in freckles. She has the ears and tail of a ring-tailed lemur, though her coloration matches her hair rather than the normal colors of the animal. This makes her ears auburn with black insides, and her tail is ringed auburn and black.

Her outfit consists of an emerald green dress with a white zipper and lining, with the dress itself being sleeveless and covering up to her throat. She wears a tailcoat-style jacket, with the tails peeling apart around mid-thigh and they reach mid-shin. Her real tail tends to poke out from between the coat tails. The lining of the jacket is the same white as the zipper and lining of the dress, with the primary color of the jacket being black. The sleeves of the jacket end in fingerless gloves. She wears white braclets on top of the jacket, though they serve no purpose. She wears a white sash just above her waist that keeps the jacket tight against her body. Her legs are adorned with one shin-length boot, and one thigh-length boot, both patterned with the same white as the jacket and dress. Kaylee is forced to wear goggles during daylight hours, though she hardly notices them anymore.

History: Warning: Events will not be in a cohesive order. They are written here as segments of her past, popping up at pseudo-random stimuli.

Kaylee was a graduate of a combat school at some point in her past, though she honestly can't remember the name of the school or when it was. What she does know is that she was in a team full of Faunus, all of them being rather playful and friendly in nature. They were often getting in to trouble, attempting to pin blame on each other almost every time they were discovered, though Kaylee was often free from blame for some odd reason. Unfortunately they fell out of contact a few years after they all graduated, though she remembers their names and hopes they're all still alive.

The energetic girl that is Kaylee has spent several years of her life on each of the continents of Remnant, taking the time to learn more about every culture the planet had to offer. She tended to stay in more jungled areas, finding them to be the best for dealing with her energy levels and the most fun. She had paid visits to old battlegrounds, abandoned villages, and many other things that showed signs of the way humans and Faunus used to live.

Unfortunately for her, Kaylee doesn't remember too much of her childhood, and with the way her memories act, it gets worse and worse. She remembers growing up with both parents being an active part of her life, and she remembers their names, but doesn't remember too much beyond that, at least about them. If she manages to sit still for a relatively short period of time, she can focus and remember on the names of some childhood friends and games they would play.

When she's training or in combat, Kaylee often remembers spending time with the different swordsmen that helped her master her arts, though for a few of them, names escape her. She specifically remembers one teacher that ended up being a second father to her, helping to set her on her path in life, as well a great many other things. She even remembers burying him when he passed away to a sudden illness, likely meaning his influence on her life was greater than most others.

Another significant event of her past was meeting a longtime friend and fellow lemur-Faunus, Gwynt Rutilus. Gwynt actually became and remains a firm fixture in Kaylee's life, though he is certainly showing his age. The fact that Kaylee remembers meeting him shortly after losing contact with her original team just goes to show that they've had a friendship that has spanned generations. He still pops up from time to time now that she's staying put in Vale for a while, though he did always manage to find her even if she was traveling off the books.

Some of her exploits with Gwynt have caused them both a lot of grief, as well as some hefty expenses to some businesses and law enforcement. Through all of their trials and tribulations, the pair remained friends, though on occasion they moved past that boundary for other reasons. The most memorable of their adventures was when they... borrowed an airship from someone's private estate, and almost instantly managed to crash it in to the next building over. They actually escaped from that one, so it worked out for the pair... but it was still something she hoped to never forget.

Personality: Kaylee demonstrates very energetic and cheerful behavior. She is almost always seen smiling, and acts friendly towards almost everyone. Kaylee is a free spirit, and will do whatever she wants according to her whims, even at personal risk. She's not overly concerned with her own safety, due to being old enough to know when she's outmatched, but also due to knowing she can heal herself from a lot of injuries.

She has a habit of dancing and singing when she's not working, using both activities to burn energy. She is rather promiscuous, using intimate activities to burn more energy, though nothing really drains as much as being in constant combat. She no longer has the need to sleep, eat, or even drink things - she does eat and drink to keep up appearances, but keeps herself occupied in other ways during normal sleeping hours.

In combat, she has a habit of taunting the enemy in a sing-songy voice, using her well-versed ability to read people in this endeavor. She really has no problem insulting anyone, though her tone of voice may make it sound more like a joke when she's usually quite serious.

Strength: With age comes wisdom, and Kaylee has plenty of both under her belt. She's one of the most intelligent people roaming Vale, with above-average amounts of knowledge on nearly every subject. Though she was never really able to sit down and learn from a book, learning through sound was always an option for her. She speaks several different languages fluently, and can pick up new ones relatively quickly.

Kaylee is a master swordswoman of almost every, practicing for at least two hours every day for as long as she's lived. Her specialty is in dual wielding, though she's nearly as good with a two-handed blade or single blade. Due to her unique weapon, Kaylee has taken the time to master each of the swordfighting techniques each of them requires.

Kaylee is extremely agile and quick on her feet, giving her an edge against a slower opponent. Due to her unique fighting style, Kaylee tends to use her superb agility to block hits and get around her enemy's guard. While quick on her feet, she tends to be more of a marathon runner than actual sprinter, and due to her semblance, can run for nearly unlimited periods of time.

Given the bonus of being a Faunus, Kaylee has advanced senses in general. While not nearly as advanced as the senses of some other Faunus, she can still hold her own in a battle of the senses. Her ability to detect and distinguish smells is above average, and her hearing allows her to pinpoint things most humans would be unable to hear. Her sense of sight is by far her most advanced, allowing her eyes to keep up with her brain and the rest of her body when announcing for fights.

After more than a hundred years of life, Kaylee has developed the ability to read people extremely well. She can usually tell deceit from honesty, and can pick up on a lot of emotional cues that people give out, using this to her advantage in fights. She is extremely quick-thinking, keeping up with the fastest movements of people or animals and being able to relay information at nearly the same speed.

Weakness: While her Faunus nature gives her advanced eyesight, events of her past have unfortunately given her high sensitivity to light, so removing her goggles during daylight hours will greatly hinder her. In addition, overwhelming her with awful scents or loud noises will remove the senses associated with them as well, giving her one less thing to rely on.

Due to her rather unique weapon and fighting method, Kaylee has an extremely obvious weakness to ranged attacks. While her agility can help, someone with a ranged weapon capable of putting out a high rate of fire will easily hold the advantage in a fight. While Kaylee is agile and a marathon runner, she is in no way extremely fast. She can have a hard time keeping up with someone built around speed rather than endurance, and will falter in such situations.

Even though her semblance grants her a fair bit of bonuses, the biggest problem it has is that fighting almost always drains energy faster than she can recover it. A slow paced fight may keep up with her draining, but constant moving and attack will almost certainly whittle her down.

One of the other side effects of her semblance is that her memories tend to blend and she loses all meaning of time. This can also lead to amnesia of a sort, though certain events can trigger memories for her. The triggering of memories can be a massive distraction in combat.

Semblance: Boundless Energy. Kaylee passively drains small amounts of energy and life force from everything around her. This includes plants, animals, and people. The amount drained is extremely small, only recognizable to the greatest of healers on the planet, and the "victims" will feel no different.

The range of the ability is roughly 500 feet in all directions, and Kaylee has no control over this. Kaylee is aware of the energy being stored, and has control over what it's used for. For the most part, she uses it to give her a boost of energy while fighting or while announcing. However, she's also developed it to the point where it semi-passively heals all of her cells and organs, keeping her appearance at a prime age of 24, when she's actually much older.

When in combat, Kaylee can draw from the pool of energy to keep her fighting, though doing this for very long will quickly drain her reserves. She can also use the energy to heal injuries extremely quickly, though it shares the same negative side as extended fighting. Kaylee can further tap from her real energy pool, but this will extremely quickly degrade her cells and organs, certainly leading to her death.


Name: Serenity

Primary Form: A pair of scissor blades, both appearing like this in appearance, but being similar to Kaylee's eyes in color. Both blades share the same shape and dimensions, consisting of 42-inch blades with an eight inch grip on the inside of the eye-ring. Kaylee tends to use this form the most, favoring it for the mobility and offensive power.

Secondary Form: The eye-rings unsnap from their location near the start of the blade, extending the length of the grip to more than double. With this extension, Kaylee can combine the blades end to end to create more of a helicopter blade type weapon. Kaylee can hold the weapon from either end of the new eye-loop, using it as a spinning weapon, or even throwing if she's so inclined.

Tertiary Form: A true scissor-blade. The blades overlap and bind together, creating a real pair of bladed scissors for Kaylee to use. She primarily uses this form for defense, as it doesn't offer the same mobility or offensive as the other forms.

History: Created at some point in Kaylee's past as a single blade, Serenity has taken many forms over her long life and is bound to change in the future. The metal is rather durable and seems to be some form of steel/titanium mix, making the weapons somewhat heavy. Kaylee tends to keep them strapped in an X shape across her back, though she may also keep them in the sword form and at her hip.

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Kaywinnet "Kaylee" Prasinus
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