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 Tiaria Azurine

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Name: Tiaria Naia Azurine

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Symbol: Winged Shoes

Occupation: 1st year Beacon student

Appearance: A fox faunus, Tiaria stands at 5'10"(177.8cm) and weighs 140lbs(63.5kg) with long limbs and a slender torso. Her hair is waist length in a light brown shade with her fox ears and tail in a light copper with cream colored tips and ear tufts. Her primary battle attire is a leather body suit in cream with plated steel reinforcements over the chest and abdomen. Over this is short sleeved crop top jacket and Kama in purple. A long purple ribbon decorates her hair and she wears white leather fingerless gloves with metal knuckles.
Appearance and Face Claim

History: Born and raised in the city of Vale, Tiaria is the only child of a retired hunter and a professional Roller Derby girl. Admiring her parents greatly, it was not long before Tiaria began to follow in both their footsteps. From her mother she gained a love of speed and competition, and from her father a love of punching a Beowolf in the face. From a young age, she could most likely be found skating around town and getting into fights as the local wannabe vigilante.
After completing her basic education, Tiaria decided to enroll in a combat school, and began attending Signal Academy at the age of 15. While there she excelled in her combat courses, but struggled through those courses that dealt with strategy and tactics. Preferring to charge straight through an enemy instead of planning out her attacks ahead of time.
Although anti-faunus discrimination had declined somewhat in recent years, she learned from a young age that the only dignity the humans would give her kind was the dignity they took for themselves. Joining the ranks of the White Fang was the first step she took in gaining that dignity. However, with the recent swing in ideals towards more violent and illegal methods, some of the respect she once had for the organization has faded.

Personality:While her faith in the White Fang has faded, her faith in ”The Cause” has not. Still a bit of a revolutionist at heart, Tiaria is more than willing to argue for faunus rights. With her fists as often as her words. Generally more of an introvert, Tiaria becomes for open an outgoing around physical activities and competitive sports. Whether she is engaged in them, or simply talking about them.
Most often spending her time playing, exercising, or simply racing around the campus, Tiaria is also a fan of books, though she does gravitate towards more action oriented novels. Slow to make friends, and even slower to trust them, Tiaria classifies people into one of three categories: those with her, those against her, and everyone else.

Strength: Fast and agile, Tiaria excels at quick, harassing, strikes before disengaging. Determined and stubborn, Tiaria is not one back down when facing an enemy or challenge.

Weakness: Physically weaker than most in the brawler archetype, Tiaria is forced to rely on dust augmentation to deal damage to tougher enemies. Due to the nature of her semblance she can either move quickly or protect herself and heal. Not both. Her stubbornness is often a hindrance, forcing her to continue fighting a battle she has no hope of winning.

Semblance: WING ROAD: Tiaria is able to extend her aura away from her body, allowing it to form a solid, flat, surface beneath her and extending in front of her for 20’. Wing Road gives her a smooth surface to travel on, while also giving her access to and across areas normally unreachable on roller blades. Because it is a solid surface, however, it marks her path ahead of time, giving her enemies an idea of where she will be and when.
While using Wing Road, Tiaria is unable to use her aura for healing or protection, forcing her to rely on her speed and agility for defense.


Name: Revolver Knuckle

Primary Form: initially the knuckles are a pair of white leather fingerless gloves with a studded iron band over the knuckles. Primary use is for transportation, but they are still an effective weapon against weaker human opponents.

Secondary Form: For Anti-Grimm operations, the reinforcing band on her right hand expands to cover the glove with a metal gauntlet and rotating chambers for dust vials. While the gauntlets themselves do not increase her striking power, aside from increasing the weight of her fists, Tiaria can use various dust types to augment her blows. Typically favoring kinetic dust for crowd control and impact dust for single targets, Tiaria tends to shy away from fire or lighting dust due to the splash damage caused by a dust charged punch.  

Name: Blitz Caliber

Primary Form: Primary form is that of simple white colored sneakers.  

Secondary Form: For transportation and combat, the shoes become a pair of roller blades that can be fed dust to increase their speed and acceleration. While Tiaria’s speed and be increase exponentially with increased dust use the blades are only durable enough for a long distance top speed of 30mph and a sprint speed of 45mph.

History: Both weapons are homages of her parents personal equipment. Her father’s gauntlet, (although he preferred a pair of gauntlets that lacked the revolver’s cartridge system,) and her mother’s self-propelled skates. She forged both of these during her time at Signal, and has periodically tuned and tweaked each over the years.



Chiu Fong Wong- 1st year student heir of a dead clan
Myung Wen Tai- Experienced huntress driven by vengeance
Rebecca Meskenas- 1st year student with a terrible fear of shirts
Tiaria Azurine- Punch happy 1st year student

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Approved, 1/2.

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Tiaria Azurine
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