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 The Nocturnal Recital

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PostSubject: The Nocturnal Recital   The Nocturnal Recital Icon_minitimeThu Apr 03, 2014 12:02 am

In a dark space, in which its silence is shattered by acts of violent practice, through which the light pierces from its windows that had almost reached the height of the walls, gunshots can be heard and the rate of its fire slowly increased, shooting faster taking down anything that moves, a bullet per head, sometimes it was two birds with one stone in a single shot. A simple Hand gun with powerful recoil, a dessert eagle model from the early decade of their generation, the sound of its shot made the atmosphere feel somewhat lively in its own way. He practices a fast hand when it comes to reloading a weapon, though he doesn't stay in one place, rather it was he who had entered this dungeon where meaningless projectiles like stones fire, but were dodged with such caution as if they were treated like real bullets. His enemies were made of wood equipped with shooting barrels that had focused fire on a single target, him. One by one they fall down to the floor and were dragged back from which they had emerged, as he runs, reaching the final destination, with a door closing from above he slid down to exit the dungeon that had posed no threat rather than a challenge of time.

“You managed to finish this in five minutes without your semblance, that’s a new record for you brother.”

She clapped and congratulated him, helping him get back on his feet as she offered her hand to him. Genesis even though he was used to this course still broke a small sweat as it fell from his hair down to the floor, drawing a piece of cloth and wiping away the product of his exercise.

“It’s weird, has it really been ten years since then? A lot has changed if it weren't for you and father I would have become trash.”

“Why bring that up now? Was there anything that made you recollect that memory?”

She grabbed her brother’s hand and pulled him up back on his feet as Genesis walked over to the desk to set down his smoking barrel.

“Nothing I’m just kinda glad, back then I was a spoiled brat who has been reduced to dirt and ash and now I’m your brother who partakes in odd jobs.”

He took off his practice attire and wiped more of the sweat he had produced. Éclair withdrew the records of training and put it away safely in the desk drawer.

“Anyways do remember that our appointed time will be at nine in the evening, I suggest you rest for now and prepare your inventory.”

“Let me guess, practice in Dome Nine has something to do with it? It’s a closed quarter mission?”

His head pops out of the plain black T-shirt he puts on and grabs his axe, The Lincoln, and his umbrella, Raindrop. Her sister nods in response and grabbed her bag full of ammo and headed towards the exit alongside her brother. Sister and brother exited the dome and out into a grassy field on a hill whereas the rock rugged road served as a pathway down to the car. With a start of the engine, Genesis drove him and her sister to the road home.

“A R328 Linear Train was hijacked by the wild fang, it was filled with a shipment of weapons supposedly belonging to the government, it happened this morning. The Train is supposed to reach Vale within a few hours.”

“That doesn't sound too difficult. They're just a bunch of thieves”

“If it isn't then Father wouldn't be needing your help.”

Upon hearing about helping father he whistled with such amazement.
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PostSubject: Re: The Nocturnal Recital   The Nocturnal Recital Icon_minitimeSun Apr 06, 2014 3:23 am

Passing numerous buildings and streets, complimented by the street lamps that shed some light as the day grew darker and colder, venturing into the commercial area and dashing through its busy streets. Not much has happened to this city in which Genesis himself hope that it would not meet the same fate as to his old town has. To surprise Éclair shouted out of the blue breaking the silence.


Astonished he stopped the car, rather something out of the blue this was. Éclair exited through the car door and headed down to a small shopping district her eyes were fascinated by whatever items of interest they have to offer. Genesis had to park the car instantly and dismounted the vehicle without a second glance as he moved through the busy crowd to find his sister. As expected she was looking into all things sweet and wonderful such as candy and clothes and made a purchase. As childish as she was it was still adorable and a sight for sore eyes. Then she came to a dealer and made a contract to purchase some supplies of various kinds. Probably parts to customizing or creating new weapons, she’s in to that kind of thing after all she’s a better mechanic than their father. Genesis was then been put to the task of carrying what she bought may it either be clothes or sweets as they are to reach the car and had loaded it with the essentials.

Her essentials.

Just as when the thought of shopping has ended Éclair strolled down to the coffee shop, inviting her brother Genesis with her. It was weird; it’s almost as if they were having a personal date.

“You seemed relatively happy, why is that?”

Éclair didn’t answer as she drank her coffee and ate her cookie nibbling it trying to act cute and innocent having no idea what he is asking.

“Come on its time to go home and prepare.” She stood up and headed towards the parked car, motioning him to come along as well, what was going on in that mind of hers? Well women are said to be unpredictable and their actions can make every boy cautious.  

As they both arrived the comforts of home and unloading what had be brought they were immediately met with their father and were ordered to meet in the living room as a presentation set up has been prepared for them.

It’s good to see you Genesis, Éclair tonight shall be the night of all nights. A R328 Linear train was hijacked by the wild fang, carrying weapons that belonged to the government. In just a few hours it will pass our extraction point and that’s where we come in. It will take the longer railway towards the hills instead of the town, making it impossible for political intercepts. We are to wipe out any kinds of resistance and take the train.
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The Nocturnal Recital
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