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 Rose Prickley

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PostSubject: Rose Prickley   Rose Prickley Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 7:49 pm

Rohesia Alexandria Martha Prickley the First, Duchess Elect of the Tanner Street Projects, Grand Marshal of those jackass kids behind the convenience store, and true Queen of absolutely nowhere.

Seventeen, born the 8th day or the 8th month, at 3:32 AM, a fact her mother will never let her live down. Ever.

She's a girl. With something special. Namely a penis.

It's not a bullseye. It is a series of concentric circles, of alternating colors, but it's not a bullseye on her center of mass. She would like to make that abundantly clear. But it's pretty much a bullseye. On her center of mass.

Rose stands about six and a half feet tall, with a lithe, deceptively strong build. She has pronounced curves, a perpetual slouch, and bright green eyes that are usually glazed over by whatever profound thoughts are running through her head. She has somewhat oversized cat ears on the sides of her head, the fur the same reddish brown as the hair that spills halfway down her back, and obscures her eyes with poorly trimmed bangs.

She dresses in a baggy red hooded sweatshrt, with her symbol, which is totally not a bullseye, on the chest, above the large pocket in front where she often keeps her hands. A black knit beanie often conceals her faunus ears, emblazoned with a bullseye her totally not a bullseye symbol on the front. Due to the length of the sweatshirt, comming half-way to her knees, it's often difficult to see the black jean short shorts that she wears, but white knee-high socks stretch up from her feet, and she wears black high top sneakers. Her palms and the backs of her hands are covered by black fingerless gloves. There's often a grey and pink backpack hanging loosely from her shoulders, filled with flexible capsules, and sometimes contraband at the bottom because nobody wants to go poking around a backpack full of high explosives.

The demon lord Rose, yet another pretentious title from her misspent days of her youth, was born to a lower class family in Vale, having recently immigrated from a village outside the kingdom's reach on account of the pack of Beowolves that had eaten half the population. She grew up facing persecution for being a Faunus, persecuting Humans with Faunus friends, getting arrested for underage drinking at thirteen, getting arrested for possession and use of narcotics at fourteen, spending the entire decade and a half growing up hearing about huntsmen, huntresses, and heroics to try to steer her away from her criminal associations, as her parents pushed her to Signal.

Somehow, she's not entirely sure of the details, she was accepted to Beacon, and in the time preparing for her new school, her mother was arrested for involvement with the White Fang. The problem was that her mother was avowedly non-violent, spoke often of Human-Faunus cooperation, and had previously rejected sexual advances from a local police lieutenant. Rose insists she knows nothing about the explosion of the police car containing said lieutenant, the burning of his house, and the increased hostility the police faced from a band of jackass kids who were quickly becoming a potential problem for the neighborhood, but she insists she hasn't spoken much with her old friends since then. Or her old dealer, despite any drug tests turning up questionable at best and her tendency to try to avoid them as much as possible. She's going to become a huntress. And fight Grimm to help people. Out in the woods. With no pigs cops around.

At first glance, Rose appears to be entirely incapable of giving a damn. At second glance, Rose continues to appear to be incapable of giving a damn. It takes considerable observation to find her giving a damn, and even then, only in rare cases. She is lazy, willfully ignorant, and prone to saying whatever comes to mind, which is rarely anything of substance. Rose is somewhat stupid, owing to a lack of effort put into classwork and an innate distaste for academia. When properly motivated, however, she will endlessly pursue a suject, albeit at her own pace, until something new catches her attention. She does not, however, cease to give a damn about people. She dislikes making enemies, hates seeing people alone, and enjoys the company of others. Being an idiot, however, she's more likely, when seeing someone crying on a bench, go to them and lie down over their lap than actually think to ask what's wrong.

Surprisingly strong, agile, and flexible, for someone who would very much like to spend every day passed out on a couch. She can go from being slumped down in a soft bean bag chair to standing on one hand with a saucer full of milk balanced on one foot, while stoned, within ten seconds. She also has an uncanny degree of accuracy kicking objects at targets she can't clearly see. She's very comfortable with herself, and has no self-esteem issues.

She's a dumbass. It took a visit to a farm to convince her that the idea that milk comes from cows, not cartons, did not mean that dairy farmers extracted the full cartons from the cows' butts. She shows little in the way of observation, or forethought. She is ignorant of many subjects, doesn't care to educate herself, and often says hurtful or untrue things as a result. This gets worse when she indulges in her favored vices, with her initial reaction to an Ursa likely being to smile and wave instead of sending a Sacky Hak flying at its head depending on what she has inhaled or imbibed. She's good at lying, but terrible at keeping secrets. Speaking is, like, you know... she's like... it's not gonna happen, dude, she's like, woah. She's bad at communication.

Like, Woah
Rose is able to project her aura as a psychedelic pattern, casting light, creating sound, and drawing attention. The hypnotic pattern affects the nervous system and senses, creating effects based on the intensity ranging from a slight buzzing and distraction, to a full blown seizure as the brain begins firing randomly in synch to the beat and pulse of the pattern. Visual contact is not entirely necessary, as the effect is carried by the steady hum and thump of the sound, but the pattern can be shaken off much more easily without the visual input.

Sacky Hak
Remote Triggered Bouncy Fun Grenade

Sacky Hak, as a complete system, is a series of flexible grenades, a modified backpack to carry them all, and a pair of devices sewn into her fingerless gloves. These devices are a wireless link to Rose's bombs, the main system of Sacky Hak, and control their rigidity, or detonate particular grenades. Usually after kicking them at a target's face. The bombs themselves are round, elastic capsules that bounce, which she usually plays with during battle to keep her actions hard to predict. The grenades, when triggered to be rigid, can impact a fair amount of blunt trauma, usually right before Rose makes them explode.

Fun Mode
They're flexible capsules that, while full of high explosives and bits that can be used as shrapnel, are fun to kick around and try to keep in the air. They also bounce!

Boom Mode
Sacky Hak gets hard and explodes. It is a very direct weapon.

Pillow Mode
Sometimes, when Rose wants to take a nap, she'll rest her head on her backpack full of Sacky Hak. It makes a nice pillow.

Honestly Officer You Don't Need To Look There Mode
Do you want to stick your hand into a backpack full of high explosives to ask why that drug sniffing dog barked at the nice Faunus girl? No. I didn't think so. It smells like oxidizer and gun powder. Is... is that one leaking? Yes, stupid cat, you can go. Please never come near me again. No, no I don't want a hug. DAMN IT NO, GO... do whatever.

Fake Boob Mode
Rose is blessed with endowments of the chest nature. Sometimes, her friends aren't so lucky. Sacky Hak can come in handy here... if Rose had any friends willing to become potential suicide bombers. People seem unwilling to stuff a bra with high explosives and wear it. Even flat chested girls. Or male cross dressers.

Distraction Mode
Look at it bounce. Look at it bounce. Bouncy Bouncy.

Summary Mode
Truly, Sacky Hak is the greatest of weapons.

Rose made the first Sacky Hak during her time at Signal. Her instructor during its assessment yelled at her endlessly about how a weapon is supposed to be a serious thing, chastising her repeatedly for playing with Sacky Hak during his lecture, until she kicked one of the grenades high, flipped and did a hand stand, the grenade flew by his head, and detonated after impacting a demonstration target. He was silent for just long enough, turning slowly to look at what the "toy" did, that when he turned back around Rose was using her backpack as a pillow and ready to sleep.

A message from the creator:

Player of...



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PostSubject: Re: Rose Prickley   Rose Prickley Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 8:08 pm

On the one hand, I should be worried about the potential backlash of approving Rose as is. On the other, I can't stop laughing, and I am never in chat, so... +1 to the Prickley Rose with a single thorn.


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PostSubject: Re: Rose Prickley   Rose Prickley Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 8:26 pm

Well, I don't see anything wrong with the profile, grammar and such is all fine. I also laughed for around 5 minutes. So I congratulate you on that. Approved 2/2
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PostSubject: Re: Rose Prickley   Rose Prickley Icon_minitime

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Rose Prickley
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