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 Tayson Napier

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Name: Tayson "Tay" Napier

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Symbol: Solitude

Occupation: Student of Beacon, year one.

Appearance: Tay is around 5 foot 4 inches tall, weighing roughly 120 lbs, and has short, spiky black hair with forest green streaks running through it. She's born from Eland-Faunus parents, which has given her a pair of horns growing from her forehead. She almost always keeps these horns shaved to small protrusions, though they are still noticable. Her skin is slightly tanned, but entirely free of blemishes. Her eyes are almost pitch black, probably due to her animal heritage, though she usually wears sunglasses to obscure this fact.

Tayson wears a solid black corset, with matching leather pants. The corset is rather plain, though the edges are embroidered with a very fine rose pattern. The pants are much the same, including the embroidery. A belt rests loosely along her waist, primarily used for holding her weapons and spare dust vials. She wears heavy combat boots that reach just below the knee. On her arms, she wears elbow-length fishnet gloves. When she's not listening to music, her headphones often rest around her neck, and her media player sits in a pouch on her belt. She can often be spotted with an illusion of a solid white cat at her side, though even she doesn't know where the illusion came from.

History: Tayson was born in early spring in a secluded forest, with just her parents present. The first years of her life were rather uneventful, with her father hunting for the family and her mother teaching her the basics for a general education. By age seven, she was far past the expected levels of intelligence for her age group, and her mother was beginning to have some issues teaching her.

After much discussion, both of her parents agreed to move back in to the city for her benefit, though they both had reservations. Most of their worry came from the problems that came with being a Faunus in a big city, but they wanted to take the risk for her sake. Plans went in to motion, and her father started saving up goods to sell to cover costs until they had actual jobs.

A few months after the decision was made, the family uprooted themselves from their quiet forest home and moved to the city, with Tay being enrolled in to an actual school for the first time ever. To no surprise of hers or her parents, she was still ahead of most of her class, which just made her a bigger target. Around age nine, Tay had enough of the bullying and started shaving down her horns on her own, causing physical pain and emotional scars.

For the next four years, Tay dealt with the bullying while her parents made their living, though they were never made aware of how bad the bullying was. Shortly after her thirteenth birthday, Tay was looking in to enrolling in to Signal, and was spending more time out of the house dealing with ignorant humans. On one of these excursions, Tay was stuck backed in to a corner by a group of the same ignorant people she'd been dealing with for years, and had to fight her way out. The fight, unfortunately, resulted in the death of two of the humans.

The day after her... mishap with the humans, a mob of humans located Tay and her parents, demanding justice. Both Tay and her parents were captured and imprisoned, but not after a sufficient beating for each of them. And so they were left to decay physically, not being fed or even given water. They stuck in a small room for a total of three days, chained up, completely unable to treat their own wounds.

At the start of the fourth day, they were removed from the room, and Tay was split up with her parents as they were chained to a wall. Forcefully tied to a chair herself, Tayson was unlucky enough to have to watch her parents die. The method of death was gruesome, not ever worth repeating, though the following events were interesting... or would be, if the cause of them wasn't so tragic.

After watching her parents die, Tay was distraught. She had caused both of their deaths due to her own actions, and would never forgive herself for those actions. The trauma their deaths had caused, in addition to the trauma from her own actions, was enough to trigger her Semblance, though she was unaware of it happening in her grief.

With the 'ghosts' of the humans she had killed, in addition to those of her parents, appearing in the crowd, the commotion caused was enough for Tay to get free of her bindings and escape, though she would never forget the events of any of the days, and indeed, completely shut herself off from the rest of the world as a result.

While Tayson was accepted in to Signal once she applied, she only just coasted through all of her classes and never made friends, and still managed to be the target of many bullies, though she had a defense now and honed it in private, using it to her advantage when the bullying came to blows. Unsurprisingly, the seemingly real corpses of dead humans made people leave her alone after one appearance, finally allowing her true peace and quiet.

After finishing her time at Signal, Tayson pushed forward her application to Beacon, though her marks from Signal weren't amazing, she was confident enough in her combat ability as well as her usefulness as a distraction to where she would be able to get in to the school. Indeed, she was accepted, starting the next school year, and spent the waiting period reading more practical materials, which were probably beyond her expected level.

Personality: Tay is a loner, almost entirely because of her less than ideal past. She rarely smiles, never laughs, and shys away from contact with any humans or Faunus, regardless of their intentions. Tay is nearly always distracted by her own thoughts and actions, which can lead to awkward encounters. She is surprisingly intelligent, reading things designed for professionals of specific fields and comprehending everything in them. Her favorite hobbies are interacting with animals and reading, though she is almost always listening to music as well.

In combat, she's calm, collected, and silent, though may get frustrated  when dealing with a true challenge. She often runs a hand through her spikey locks of hair when stressed, though always corrects any misplaced strands. She never shows weakness or falters beyond that, and almost never does anything reckless enough to risk her life.

Strength: Extremely gifted eyesight, giving her a fairly clear range for up to five-hundred feet in front of her. Tay is an incredible athlete, being able to sprint and dodge attacks for long periods of time with seemingly no impact on her wellbeing. Her lonely nature makes it easy for her to concentrate on things in combat and not be distracted by the faults of others, giving her a minor tactical advantage.

Her intelligence also offers a major tacitcal advantage, usually being able to spot the weaknesses in an enemy's attack, or the flaws in the attacks of her allies. Her semblance also offers great tactical ability, allowing her team to gather information or have an entirely risk-free distraction if need be.

Weakness: While being a loner can be an advantage emotionally, not having friends or anyone to rely on can bite her in the ass. Her horns are a sore spot for her, both in general sensitivity and insults. A small part of why she's so antisocial is because of her Faunus nature, and insults directed at her horns in particular upset her.

Tayson is absolutely horrendous at anything team related, very rarely speaking to her teammates unless she believes an error on her part, or theirs, might lead to injury or death. In a safe combat simulation, it wouldn't be unusual for her to speak a single word.

In combat, even with her general mental clarity, Tay can often have troubles fighting at long distances or with multiple enemies. She has no proper defense, or even offense, for a ranged fighter, and her weapons don't really allow her to fight multiple people in comfort.

Semblance: Shadows of the Dead. With a brief moment of focus, Tayson can summon an aura-based illusion of things she's seen die in the past, including humans. She has to focus on the appearance of the creature in order to have the illusion come forth, and can maintain a few illusions at once. The larger the creature, however, the more draining it is on her body and the less likely she is to use it for long periods of time. The illusions are perfect imitations of the creature they are based on.

These illusions are rather weak, easily being dispelled with any contact. The illusions brought forward have no combat advantage, and just serve as a distraction. Any illusion brought forward can be resummoned once dispelled, or Tay can dispell them manually. Tay's illusions usually focus around memories of her past, and she rarely uses anything that didn't have a significant impact on her life as a whole.

At will, Tay can replace her sight with that of one of her illusions, allowing her to see exactly as the normal creature does. This makes her an amazing scout, though she is very careful to hide this part of her semblance. When she replaces her sight with one of her illusion's, her eyes cloud over, making them appear like a void. Doing this is more draining than keeping a low tier illusion up, and if she does it frequently enough it clead to permanent vision loss for her normal body.


Name: Inherent Nightmare

Primary Form: A matched pair of Tessen, Nightmare are actually rather simple in appearance, though the internal work on them would likely make a professional Huntress surprised. Both the blades and the holding casings for the fans are made from a titanium-steel alloy, giving them enough strength to withstand most sword swings, and even deflect the pincer of a Deathclaw. The blades are pitch black, with the casing being the same forest green as Tayson's hair.

There are holsters for vials of dust within the casings, for a maximum of two vials per fan, and there are very thin dust currents running in the steel of the blades themselves, something nobody could detect without very thorough examination of the weapons, or access to the blueprints Tay used to create them.

Secondary Form: Both fans have a dust-projtection system that can be activated with the buttons present on either of the thumb resting positions, which can quite literally allow Tayson to throw fire, electricity, or shards of ice at her opponents. The range of the projections of dust is relatively small, perhaps an additional 10 meters over the normal attack range, and the vials used to load Nightmare run out after about 10 casts, or 30 seconds uninterrupted.

History: Created as an outlet for the pain that would never leave her mind, Tayson designed Nightmare shortly before ending up at Signal, though they wouldn't be designed for another few weeks while she fine-tuned the work. Once she had access to the materials needed, Tayson worked on the weapons completely in private, making sure nobody could abuse one of her mistakes, since they wouldn't know what they were.
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Everything looks good here!

Approved +1!
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2/2 and moved.


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