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 Jolyne Ygnacio

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PostSubject: Jolyne Ygnacio   Jolyne Ygnacio Icon_minitimeMon Apr 28, 2014 8:35 pm


Name: Jolyne Ygnacio

Age: 20 (third year, joined a year late)

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Symbol: A Tomoe Jolyne Ygnacio Japanese-mitsudomoe

Occupation: First Year Student at Beacon

Appearance: Jolyne stands at a whopping 6’ 3” with short brown hair that falls on either side of her head, a short ponytail reaching down past her neck in the back. Her eyes are violet and her skin is peachy colored, her figure being slender and curvy with a big bust. She has a tattoo on her right arm that looks like two of the swirls from her symbol pointing out in the same direction

Her clothing consists of a white button-up dress shirt with vertical black stripes, black dress pants, black socks, and black dress shoes. She wears a black jacket that reaches down past her hips with the left sleeve halfway cut off just below the shoulder and revealing the skin beneath that has her symbol tattooed on it in red, and a pink version of her symbol strewn over the left breast of her jacket. Her belt is often loose and sticking out from the sides, and she wears black gloves and a white tie with a black cross on the bottom of it.


History: Jolyne was born into a life of crime and violence, as her parents were part of Vale’s mafia. Her parents in particular ran a portion of it that controlled several gangs and illegal underground trading/selling of drugs. Jolyne was never into these drugs, and still isn’t, but she did manage a part of these trading circles for a few years before moving on. By the age of ten, she had murdered at least three men, and at the age of twelve she had gotten her first gun. Naming the gun Lucy, she cherished it as a gift from her father and still uses it to this day.

At the age of fourteen Jolyne was introduced to cigarettes, which she really got into and is still addicted to. Her family, which at this point consisted of mafia members she wasn’t actually related to by blood, introduced them to her (with her father’s consent) and she immediately became addicted to them. It was a strange experience the first few times but eventually she got the hang of it and started to get real into it. By the time she was sixteen, Jolyne had killed dozens of men mercilessly, and had finally gotten used to it. Before, she had always questioned it, but now she was used to it and could do it without problem.

By the age of eighteen, however, something very life changing happened. Over the course of her entire life, the mafia had been like one big family to her. Her mom and dad even encouraged her to think of the others as such, and so she did. One fateful day while she was on a job with a few others, they were shot several times by rival mafia members and left to bleed on the floor. Jolyne wasn’t in the room when this had happened, and when she showed up the rivals were gone and part of her family was dying on the floor. They used their last bit of strength and willpower to collectively unlock her aura, and her semblance before passing away. It was a tearful event that brought Jolyne to develop her dark determination, and one could consider that the event that made her grow up a bit. Life was a cruel mistress, and she had been told that for her entire life. It wasn’t until then that she had figured out what it really meant.

After that, Jolyne decided to go to Beacon to try and become strong in order to prevent any more of her family from dying. She joined a year late, and jumped in at the beginning of the school year where she then began to do her best to become a Hunter. Her dark determination is what drives her through school now, even though she has a hard time with some of the reading materials (she was never really taught how to read).

Personality: Jolyne is considered a calm, always smiling girl with a perpetual cooler-than-thou attitude going about her. Her kindness and gentle nature precedes her, making her seem like a very caring individual, but she will not hesitate to get very serious and be very cruel if need be. Her old mafia lifestyle has taught her to not show mercy to her foes, and she does not dare stray from that thought process. Jolyne is not afraid to get her hands dirty, as is seen when her kind personality takes a 180 turn during certain situations. She may be seen going from a smiling girl to a blank-faced killer in an instant.

She likes to show off quite a bit, as she tends to find her abilities quite impressive and likes the attention of others. She is not, however, an attention whore, as most things she does to show off are usually subtle or otherwise asked permission for. She does not like to upset or pester people, and will apologize repeatedly for doing so. If she does not make amends, she tends to go into a state of depression for a while before slowly bringing herself out of it. In extreme situations, she may not come out of that depression for days or even weeks at a time. The only way for her to come out of this is if she is talked to or helped by a friend.

Jolyne has what she refers to as “a dark determination”. If she is determined to do something, she often goes through with it regardless of the costs. She does not have a problem with killing people, as she’s been doing it since she was ten, and will not hesitate to pull the trigger and splatter blood everywhere. The only things that can keep her from achieving the goals that she strives for through her determination are her friends, and realization. The latter almost never happens, but it has happened, and the former actually happens quite a bit.

Despite not getting an actual education, Jolyne is not stupid. In fact, she is quite the opposite. Lots of private time driving around to go on “jobs” or just sitting around while waiting for something to happen has given her plenty of time to think and observe the behavior of others around her. As such, Jolyne has an easy time discerning people’s behaviors and mannerisms and tends to figure people out quite easily. She also is quite knowledgeable of the things around her and understands how life works quite well. Life’s processes and human emotions are easily read by Jolyne, something she learned to do easily over the years. It is a skill she holds onto dearly, as it has helped her save friends from depression and even save her own hide during a fight once or twice by predicting an opponent’s moves.

-Physcially Strong
-Quite Fast
-Gentle and friendly
-Strong will
-Good at hand to hand combat

-Smokes cigars
-Semblance can be restricting and must be used in moderation
-A bit of a delinquent sometimes
-Her determination can get in the way of things
-Has trouble at armed melee
-Is a show off sometimes

Semblance: Jolyne’s semblance takes the form of string that looks akin to yarn or thin rope that is hardly visible. Even then, it is only visible when Jolyne wants it to be, or when she is actively using it in combat. These strings either come off of Jolyne’s body and flow around her like gravity doesn’t exist, or are detached but still keep near her so as not to just stay behind and cause her to lose aura. She can telekinetically control these strings to do things such as wrap around objects, pull her towards things like a grappling hook, tighten around something, pull things towards her like levitation, and much more.

These strings, when controlled telekinetically, move at a moderate pace, and aren’t anything special in terms of speed. Of course, they can be pulled by Jolyne to make them move faster or to pull something towards her violently, but the strings can be cut to counteract that or someone can simply resist being pulled. It’s not that hard. Jolyne is also very sensitive to these strings, as when someone touches the strings (they can’t feel or see it at all unless she’s in combat or she specifically wants them to) she can feel it and discern someone’s location. These strings can reach up to 20 feet away from her and are controlled anywhere within that range. Anywhere else is too far, and the strings either stop or vanish at/beyond that point. The strings are somewhat durable, enabling Jolyne to pull many things towards her, but aren’t the most durable things as they are quite like actual string except much less likely to break on their own.

When not in combat, the string does not solidify and is not visible. Objects will pass through them, and they will pass through objects, the two being unable to interact with each other and the strings cannot be solidified whilst they are passing through an object. Jolyne can easily weave intricate patterns with this string in mere seconds, such as a spider web pattern to break her fall or use as a platform or even a net. The possibilities are only limited by her imagination. She can also entwine the string into rope that is actually durable enough to block attacks from weapons, including bladed ones. Although it’s not unbreakable, it’s just really difficult to do so and takes time to do (if someone’s charging at her they’ll be able to get a fit hits in before she can entwine a pattern or entwine the string into rope).

There is technically no limit to how much string Jolyne can generate (other than how much aura she has), the issue is that too much could get her tangled up during a fight, or her movements could get restricted. Not only that but she can only manage so much of it at a time while still being able to pay attention to the battlefield.


Name: Lucy the Revolver

Primary Form: A simple 6 shot revolver that can fire dust rounds.

Jolyne also has brass knuckles in her black gloves in case she needs to go melee.

History: Her first gun that she still uses. It works just like it did the day she got it when she was twelve.
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PostSubject: Re: Jolyne Ygnacio   Jolyne Ygnacio Icon_minitimeWed Apr 30, 2014 9:56 am

Seems pretty balanced out and explained. Semblance is also pretty well described and balanced and I don't see anything wrong with it. So if nobody else has a problem with it...

Approved +1!
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PostSubject: Re: Jolyne Ygnacio   Jolyne Ygnacio Icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2014 6:31 pm

Seems okay here. 2/2 and moved.
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Jolyne Ygnacio
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