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 Yvaine Lux

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Name: Yvaine Lux

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Symbol: Elegance.

Theme Song: The Dancer.

Personal Vehicle: Skorost

Appearance: Height of 5 foot, 6 inches. Weight of 132 lbs. Full Body

Personality: Yvaine is cold and entirely emotionless on the inside, but appears friendly on the outside. She has a tricky disposition around people that prevents anyone from discerning her actual thoughts or feelings, giving her major advantages in many areas. She's extremely smart, deceptive and manipulative, allowing her to infiltrate nearly any organization flawlessly. Her extreme arrogance could be seen as a flaw, but with the years of travel and combat experience, she feels everything she does is justified. She wouldn't risk her life to save anyone elses, and doesn't expect it from anyone either. She would almost never apply the word trust to any person, which is a result of her childhood and years away from civilization. She enjoys reading all manner of literature, though works of history are her favorite. She tolerates some forms of music, but would rather have silence at all times. Yvaine will do anything to complete any task that she sets for herself, making her very ruthless.

History: She was raised in a very sheltered area of the Vale, well outside the city limits. Her family was significantly more wealthy than most others, making her childhood full of problems, though education or material things were never one of them. At the age of 12, the only person she thought she could say was a friend died in an airship accident, leaving her truly alone in the world. Her parents mysteriously vanished shortly after she turned 16, a mystery which remains unsolved, even seven years later. A few months after her parents died, all of their possessions were given to Yvaine, as they had no other blood ties and no paperwork was found that would assign it to a different party. About six months after her 17th birthday, she decided to sell everything and leave the country entirely.

After leaving the Vale, she spent six years traveling the world, staying out of contact with anyone she knew. While on her travels, she worked on training all of her skills and finding the weapons she was most comfortable with. Shortly after turning 22, Yvaine decided to head back to the Vale to try to find information about a few things she'd discovered while traveling. Over a year has passed, and she has started to set up a small network of employees that gather information or... dispose of people she doesn't want around anymore. Her family name still carries a large amount of influence in the city. However, on her return, Yvaine assumed a new name to keep herself out of the public eye. The funds she received from selling off her family's assets place her in an interesting place of wealth, though she only uses it to fund her underground empire. The only visible part of her past that remains is her accent.

Over the last year, she has set up a vast network of informants and general employees. Her name and properties associated with it are well known in both the criminal underworld, as well as the general public. However, neither group seems to be able to pin any crimes on her, not that they're likely to try now. Her investments span from singular informants to entire buildings, though she never has her name on the deed at this point. She is a suspect in many crimes, but her network of spies, informants, and general knowledge of the justice system allows her to prevent any form of arrest.

Strength: Yvaine is very agile from being forced in to gymnastics as a child. Her almost supernatural speed and physical strength come from a lot of training over the six years she was out of the Vale, viewing them as some of the most valuable assets in the world. Between her speed, strength and agility, she has spectacular stamina and as such can expend a lot of energy before getting remotely tired. Having a first class education as she was growing up and her love of reading left her to develop in to one of the strongest young minds of the world. She honed her skills with aura while away, and uses it for healing and for slight perception bonuses. Due to her emotionless state, she can remain focused in battle under any circumstance and with anything at risk. She has a high tolerance for pain, and is near immune to poisons of any kind. Her non battle skills include strong blacksmithing and weaponsmithing.

Weakness: Relying so heavily on her agility and speed leaves her extremely open to long range assaults. She has almost no defence against bullets, save for the metal plates on her right arm and left wrist. If facing an opponent of equal skill, she may find herself faltering slightly due to a lack of experience in such a situation.


Name: Flaying Needle

Primary Form: Unique Rapier. Primarily created due to being an elegant weapon that she grew up using, the rapier form is the one Yvaine is most comfortable using for all combat. The blade sits at about three feet in length.

Secondary Form/Function: Segmented Whip. The second form Yvaine is most comfortable using, the segmented whip is something she learned to use properly over her six year travels. The segmented form creates massive cuts in flesh, and massive dents in armor depending on the force used in a swing. Transforming in to this form increases the weapons range from three feet to around 30 feet.

Tertiary Form/Function: Cat O Nine Tails. The most recent addition to Flaying Needles array of uses, the Cat O Nine Tails form allows for a lot more open wounds and a large range of attack than either previous form, though at a loss of accuracy and armor based damage.

Extra Notes: All three forms of Flaying Needle are able to use both incendiary and electrical dust, running up the length of the weapon. Use of fire dust in this way creates a flaming rapier or whip, though she tends to use it more with the rapier. Use of electrical dust in this way creates a paralyzing charge on either the rapier or whip, though she tends to use it most with the whip.

The metal running along her right arm, and the bracer on her left arm allow her to block most bullets, and absorb most of if not outright block lighter swings from weapons. The metal used here is from the same alloy as Flaying Needle, though slightly more resistant as it doesn't actually need to hurt anything.

Yvaine also carries several daggers of differing length and sharpness, which she uses for closer range threats against bound targets. The daggers are fairly weak, unable to pierce much more than flesh.

History: Flaying Needle was designed with all of Yvaines strengths in mind, though it doesn't cover many of her weaknesses on its own. About a year after leaving the Vale, she stumbled upon a legendary blacksmith in one of the other kingdoms. This blacksmith helped her find and create one of the strongest alloys known to humankind, and started teaching her the art of smithing. It took her another year of on and off work to fashion the final draft of Flaying Needle, starting with just the rapier. Another year later, she came across some of the legendary beast tamers of another kingdom, who taught her the art of whip use. She quickly modified Flaying Needle to incorporate her new knowledge, making it that much more deadly. She left the beast tamers after around 6 months, putting her close to age 20. It was another year of travel before she finally added the tertiary form, after coming across a militant army that used the Cat O Nine Tails as a very efficient punishment. Appreciating the beauty yet brutality of such a weapon, Yvaine quickly added the functionality to Flaying Needle as well. The militant camp was also the area where she started learning about the applications of dust, deciding to use it to add even more functionality to her weapons. Combined with Yvaines strength, speed, and agility, all three forms of Flaying Needle are something to fear.

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Needs more pictures.

... Right. No. No it does not.

Approval #1 get.

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