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 Commander Amittai Wormwood

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PostSubject: Commander Amittai Wormwood   Commander Amittai Wormwood Icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 10:24 pm


Amittai Wormwood


Commander in Vale's Navy


Sure Why Not

Commander Amittai Wormwood QBGZY8N

Standing about 4'9", Ami is small, much younger looking than xe should be, quite androgenous in face and body structure, and has very large, pointed ears, thanks to xir Faunus heritage. That same heritage places a small pair of bat wings on xir back, which xe controls perfectly but are far too small to be useful in any wing-like capacity except flapping incessantly when xe gets too excited and starts bouncing up and down. Xe has bright red hair, usually tied up in three bunches as a ponytail and set of pigtails. Xir ears twitch and move when xe hears something, and according to xir mood. Or whim. Both the maxillary and mandibular canines in xir mouth are enlarged and elongated, though the maxillary ones to a greater degree.

Left to xir own devices, Ami will tend to wear a tight-fitting sleeveless top with a heating and cooling system that helps with temperature regulation, and shorts of the same make without the fancy bits as undergarments. Over it, xe favors a heavy black coat, woven from tough aramid fibers and pockets of non-Newtonian fluids to provide protection from impact or piercing, and removable or adjustable insulation. The coat is double layered in the back, with pockets to hide xir wings and keep them warm, but still allow ease of use outside the coat, and has a special mounting point where Bitter Drink can be stashed to free up xir hands. The calf-length pants xe wears are made the same way, and both pants and coat have numerous pockets to allow keeping spare magazines for Bitter Drink and other necessities. Like snacks. Ami's boots appear to be standard-issue combat boots, but xe has reinforced the toes and soles even more. Xe wears glasses with a very thin frame, and impact-resistant photochromatic lenses that can fit snugly over xir eyes with some quick adjustment, and keeps a mask for chemical protection in xir coat. This outfit's usefulness has lead to its acceptance in most settings in place of xir uniform. (The tailoring issues inherent in xir anatomy may have something to do with it.)

Vox Render:

A model sailor, Ami is not. Xe acts more like a teenager than someone rapidly approaching xir 40's, and is prone to outbursts ranging from unprompted song and dance, to inappropriate commentary about unrelated events, or worse, current events. Xe did not, however, attain the rank xe did without merit. Even when making a racket xirself, Ami listens to and watches everything around xir. While xe mantains a hands-off approach to interpersonal relations and drama, xe is prone to snooping and eavesdropping.

Ami is prone to changing xir mind over whether to be called sir or ma'am on a whim, leading to the technically insubordinate but tacitly accepted nickname of Sirmaamwhatever by subordinates. Xe isn't particularly concerned by the gender issue, but responds to open harassment on that, and xir Faunus traits, quickly and forcefully. Numerous sailors have faced court martial for their behavior, and civillian goons have learned that just because Ami is small, xe is still a highly trained military officer.

In battle, Ami retains xir tendency toward antics, but behind the laughing and jokes is a cold and ruthless soldier. Whether barking orders in a ship-to-ship engagement, or personally making holes in a target with Bitter Drink, Ami is just as likely to sing or joke as normal, but keeps xirself and xir antics clear and on task.

Because of xir poor detail vision, Ami greatly dislikes having to read things. It doesn't help that xe is dislexic, a condition covered by the eyesight deficiency. Xir glasses only do so much to help, though xe is quite well-suited to seeing in the dark, even compared to other Faunus, thanks to a degree of natural thermographic perception and eyes dedicated to night vision at the expense of visual acuity in bright light. And lack of pain in bright light. This, in addition to mild photodermatitis, lead to Ami recoiling dramatically from the rays of the sun, hissing, and generally making a big fuss about mild discomfort. Ami is comfortable in complete darkness, often clicking xir tongue to use a crude form of echolocation to supplement xir thermographic senses.

Xe is a hemophage, drinking blood though xe has no particular need to. Ami simply took xir fangs, light allergy, and bat traits, and decided xe was a vampire. Xe is not.

Due to xir uncle's alcoholism, Ami is completely teetotal. Xe despises alcohol, and comes down upon drunk or drinking sailors with almost oppressive zeal, and treating others outside xir authority partaking in such poisons little better.

Over the years, Ami has become very good about keeping secrets, out of necessity. Xe is also very unlikely to forget what xe does know, having a very good memory.

Ami's family was fairly normal. Xir father was a faunus with bat traits, like xirself. Xir mother, a full blooded human, died in childbirth. As xir parents weren't married, and xir father was snubbed by the court system, Ami's childhood was spent in the care of xir aunt and uncle.

Xir racist, alcoholic uncle, who despised the "freak" he had been saddled with on numerous levels, and his wife whose bleeding heart saddled them with 'it' for eighteen years...

Ami's father kept contact with his child, much to xir uncle's distaste, and always worried for and doted on xir. So too did xir aunt, though the price of such attention wasn't known until Ami was six, and saw how bruised xir aunt was. By then, school had become part of Ami's life, and while teasing about xir faunus traits were a factor, the teachers kept things controlled and contained. So it remained, thanks to pleas from xir aunt, throughout Ami's schooling.

It was at the age of seven, comming home from school, that Ami saw xir uncle beating his wife. In a rage, he turned his attention to Amittai, berating xir for being an unnatural abomination before the abuse turned physical and he slapped the child across the face when xe spoke up.

Over the years it escalated, but Ami kept it bottled up as xir aunt did. When xir father would ask why xir arm was bruised, xe would claim it was from playing, and he knew how xe got. When he would ask about xir uncle, xe was quiet, and would say stupid people would be stupid. Until at the age of fourteen, xir uncle crossed the line.

Ami does not speak of what happened. Xir aunt does not speak of what happened. Xir father only says that he protected his child. Only a stenographer's transcript of their testimony at Ami's father's murder trial remains of the event, and that is as the three want it. Xir father was convicted, but was put on parole after three years.

It was through xir father that Ami met the recruiter who would talk xir into enlisting. Vale had taken a trial initiative to increase diversity in the ranks. When the subject of officer training came up, Ami jumped at the opportunity. Difficulties due to Ami's nature were brushed aside when they came up. Xe endeared xirself to superiors by being their eyes and ears, and xir nocturnal nature made night watch a natural fit. Slowly, over the years after joining the navy, Ami rose through the ranks, becomming the right hand to several captains over the years.

Recently, however, Ami has been re-assigned as a liason between several paramilitary outfits such as the Beacon Guard and Pirate Hunters and the Navy, owing to xir impressive personal combat records during boarding and landing operations.

Ami is quite speedy, and uses xir powerful aura to assist in this mobility with the aid of extensions to xir wings as well as using them for protection. Despite xir difficulties with detailed vision, Ami is fairly accurate with Bitter Drink. Echolocation and thermosense allow xir to function even in complete darkness, and xe requires very little light to see normally.

Xe has mastered the art of peeing while standing up.

Ami is quite frail. Xir lightweight bones and body cannot take hits well, nor does xe have much tolerance for temperatures. Bright lights and sudden loud noises hurt and can disorient xir if xe isn't prepared for them. Xir ears and wings are very sensitive, and the membranes of xir wings are fragile.

Sailors assigned to cleaning duty would dispute the above supposed mastery.


Bitter Drink
High Velocity Dual-Mode Needle Caster

Bitter Drink consists of a black metal frame within which is mounted a tapered box-like barrel that flares out toward one end. It attaches to the frame near the middle with a rotating mount, with the dust/needle magazine attached near the thicker end. The weapon operates by using dust to propel its aerodynamic needles at extreme velocity, with the method of this projection dependant on which mode the weapon is in and which end of the barrel is pointing forward.

Rifle Mode
With the thinner end forward, Bitter Drink projects rapid bursts of needles in a relatively straight line, with each needle accelerated down the barrel with gradually increasing force to result in both an extremely high speed somewhat armor-piercing projectile and very little recoil even under sustained automatic fire.

Shotgun Mode
With the thick end forward, Bitter Drink gathers numerous needles closer to the end, and has to impart a much greater force on its ammunition much more suddenly and with significantly less finesse to project them in a shotgun-like spread. The resulting recoil is capable of knocking Ami on xir ass if fired clumsily. Xe has been at this far too long to get that sloppy, however, and use of the recoil plays into xir combat style.

Bitter Drink is descended from one of several prototype proposals for a standard issue boarding operation weapon. High production costs, operating difficulties, and accidents in testing shelved the weapon, but Amittai was party to the tests and managed to secure one of the prototypes. Many sleepless days were spent tailoring the basic weapon to xir needs. It is much too personalized to redeem its predecessors, but Ami has gotten used to Bitter Drink to the point that xe is no longer given standard issue weaponry.

Ami has experimented with having non-lethal poisons or tranquilizers on or in the needles, but surface coatings ablate in flight, and internal reservoirs compromise the integrity of the needles too much and make creation costs too great, so xe has resigned xirself to merely shredding flesh and bone with a hail of high velocity shards of metal.


Ami's Aura-based wing-extensions are mainly used to slow her descent from high altitudes, glide, or provide sudden bursts of speed, recover from falls, or aid her in jumping in ways xir normally useless real wings cannot. Because they are solid, however, xe can clumsily swat at opponents with them, or bring them around xir body to try to protect against explosions xe cannot dodge. It takes considerable energy to project the wings for even a short time, however, and xe can quickly wear xirself out using them too much, and more dangerously weaken xir aura against other attacks.

Player of...



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PostSubject: Re: Commander Amittai Wormwood   Commander Amittai Wormwood Icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2013 11:04 pm

Looks awesome. Can't wait to see xir in RP situations. Approval get.
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PostSubject: Re: Commander Amittai Wormwood   Commander Amittai Wormwood Icon_minitimeFri Oct 11, 2013 2:18 am

I approve xir.

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Commander Amittai Wormwood
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