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 Alizae Arcturus

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Name: Alizae Arcturus

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Symbol: Trickery

Occupation: Huntress and unofficial investigator of crimes against Faunus.

Appearance: 5 foot 7, 128 lbs. She's a Red Fox Faunus with short reddish-orange hair, ocean blue eyes, and the bridge of her nose is pierced twice.

Combat and casual outfit

History: Born in one of the other kingdoms of Vytal, Alizae grew up with a traveling circus. Starting at age six, she started being trained in gymnastics and similar physical activity, which she continued to practice and refine over her lifetime. At age eight, one of the other members of the circus took it upon himself to start teaching her all forms of marksmanship, another thing she has practiced and refined over her entire lifetime. Beginning at age twelve, members of the circus started noticing her massive aura potential, and started teaching her how to harness it in many ways. One of the things she was taught was the art of fortune telling, which is where her love of cards in general stemmed. Over the next six years, she practiced all of her arts every day, leading her to a lot of confidence in them. At age 17, she was given her parents blessing to leave the circus and travel the world. As she was leaving, the entire circus gifted her with a decent sum of money, which let her get started with her weapons of choice.

The first stop on her journey would end up being the longest. She spent four long years at one of the combat schools in her home kingdom, graduating at the top of her class. However, during her years at the school, she noticed how much hatred there was towards Faunus and decided on what her career would be. Upon graduating, she decided to travel the world for another four years, finding teachers for both her marksmanship and aura training. The first teacher she found was only a few months after she started her travels, being an aura master. She stayed with her new teacher for a full year, training her aura to levels even she couldn't quite comprehend. Daily meditation and exercises also increased her will in general, making her very hard to intimidate. A full two years after she had left the combat school, she came across a troupe of master marksmen and markswomen, and requested that they train her. It took a little bit of convincing, and a display of her Semblance, but they finally agreed to train her in their arts. In comparison to aura mastery, becoming a master markswoman was significantly more taxing on her body, when aura mostly affected her mind. It took her around 6 months to master all forms of marksmanship, putting her at what would be her physical peak in the process. She then spent the next year and a half of travel trying to help any Faunus she could, no matter the toll on herself.

Arriving in the Vale as part of her travels, she decided to try to do some good at a local level, attempting to join the city police. However, something like this was not meant to be. Racism was abundant among the police force, everyone thought she was too weak to belong there, and her accent certainly was the butt of many jokes. Deciding the police was not the appropriate place for her, she left. After leaving the police force, she did odd jobs around the city just to keep herself afloat. After a few months of slumming around, she ended up getting a high paying job, investigating the murder of a Faunus politician's son. She was paid for time spent, regardless of the crime being solved or not... but it felt wrong. She finished the job successfully, leading to the corporal punishment and imprisonment of the murderer. When the politician tried to pay her for her time and success, she couldn't bring herself to accept more than the money she spent during the job. As a replacement for the money, the politician decided she could have use of any of his resources, any time she wanted... which was a trade she was willing to make. Shortly after finishing the job for the politician, Beacon Academy requested her services, stating numerous issues involving racism and discrimination against Faunus students. Alizae happily complied, showing up at the school for her briefing.

Personality: As a result of growing up in a traveling circus, Alizae is very accustomed to meeting new people and making friends when she could. She's extremely sociable, friendly, and playful, though she's much less receptive to humans. In a battle situation, she tends to joke around and toy with her opponent, rather than taking them seriously. One of her quirks is her love of any kind of card game, which will sometimes drive people to insanity. She's sly and deceptive, though it tends to be most obvious during card games. She tends to ignore any racism towards herself, though she will act out when it's directed towards others. She doesn't dislike people easily, but there are some things that can lead her to wishing harm on others, with racism of any kind being one of them. She tends to meditate instead of sleeping or general relaxation, keeping her aura extremely powerful.

Strength: Her fox nature gives her night vision, above average eyesight, hearing, and smell. She's a master markswoman, though she's much more comfortable with throwing things than shooting them. Her speed and agility are above average, though nowhere near mastery. She's also very clever and intelligent, making her a great strategist. Her years of training her aura put her at a significant advantage as far as healing minor wounds, and her Astral Projection is very useful for gathering information and spying on suspected criminals.

Weakness: She never saw the need to develop a way to damage enemies in close range, just ways to get them away or keep them away. As such, she has no close range damaging abilities. Pulling on her tail or using high pitched sounds can bring her to extreme pain, making it nearly impossible for her to fight. As a fox Faunus, she's a fairly solitary creature, and not really cut out for working with others. Even though she's extremely flexible and agile, she has a very low threshold for pain, meaning only a few hits will leave her on the ground unable to move.

Semblance: Astral Projection. It has a very high starting cost, though a relatively low cost to maintain. Her physical form becomes entirely defenseless when this is active, though her spiritual form can sense danger near her. Her spiritual form is given a 500 meter range, though the further out she goes, the more it drains. Alizae generally uses it for recon, though she also meditates using this form to keep her aura at it's absolute peak.


Name: Fate's Calling

Primary Form: Dust infused Tarot cards. Alizae uses her aura to manipulate how far they can be thrown, though she has no influence over how fast they move or their direction once thrown. She keeps all of her cards in separate pouches along her waist, giving her the option to use any she chooses with relative ease. She can throw up to three cards at a time, though usually sticks with one as it's easier to control.

The Sun: Fire dust - This card is thrown at enemies, detonates with aura trigger or on impact. Creates a circle of blinding, painfully hot blue flames. Diameter of 3 feet and dissipates after about 20 seconds.

The Tower: Earth dust - This card is used at close range, creates a wall of rock about five feet wide and tall in front of the user. Lasts about 30 seconds or until broken(it is just normal rock.)

The High Priestess: Ice dust - This card is thrown at enemies, detonates on impact. Creates a box trap around the enemy, about five feet wide, tall, and across, with a roof. Can be thawed with any fire abilities, otherwise melts after about 5 minutes.

The Moon: Water dust - This card is used at close range, creates a strong jet of water that can knock enemies back about 30 feet.

The Magician: Lightning dust - This card is thrown at enemies, detonates with aura trigger or on impact. A few dozen lightning bolts spark out in all directions from impact point, in a diameter of around three feet. The electricity will cause a lot of pain, but not incapacitate.

The Star: Kinetic dust - This card is used at close range for agility and speed boosts. Lasts for 5 seconds after casting, can be used to move in any direction, and amplifies Alizae's already advanced levels of speed and agility.

History: The concept for the deck was something that Alizae had for several years, though she never had the funds to actually yield results. Upon her departure from the circus at 17, she was gifted with enough money to start the deck, and expanded from using them or doing other jobs. She always carries 50 of each card in to battle. The non-throwing cards(The Moon, The Star, and The Tower) are all rechargeable, using a specific infusing technique Alizae learned. The throwing cards(The Sun, The High Priestess, and The Magician), while technically rechargeable, are usually destroyed or unable to be recovered after usage. Alizae is able to infuse any ordinary cards as well, though the effects are slightly amplified on Tarot cards, due to the history surrounding them. Her apartment is filled with cases of cards and dust, in order to facilitate replacing and recharging all of her cards for a long period of time.

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Alizae Arcturus
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