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 Fayza Abd-al-Azid

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Fayza Abd-al-Azid




Fayza Abd-al-Azid 2NkTa8p

Fayza stands around 5'6" and has a toned, athletic body. A roughly and haphazardly cut mob of unkempt black hair frames a round face with a small nose, long thick eyelashes, and brilliant blue-green eyes. She isn't overly thin, having a healthy curved figure and filled out form, with a bit of give to her firm flesh until reaching the dense muscle below on her arms, legs, and back. For someone who has been cut many times in her education and fighting, Fay's deeply tan skin is free of scars thanks to her aura.

She often wears all shades of grey, save a white leather-like collar and belts of similar make around her thighs. All of her clothing and equipment is fire-resistant and conductive, given her tendencies in battle. She has a sleeveless top cropped to show her stomach that, while tight fitting, is thick and stiff, functioning as protection and restraint for particular ample sensitive parts. She has long gloves that almost reach her shoulder, upon which Al Adhara's components attach. Despite a rather acrobatic combat style, she wears a barely thigh-length skirt, secured with a belt, and another belt with numerous pouches and holsters hanging loose from her hips. She wears long tightly woven translucent stockings, suspended from under her skirt, and thick boots with very wide high heel extensions for stability.

Vox Renders:

Fayza is, by default, energetic, brutally honest, and prone to hedonism. She will lie only if it serves a distinct positive purpose, or her lie is so ridiculously overblown that it can serve as, to use her term, a retard test. Her language is littered with offensive terms, and she genuinely doesn't care what people think about her for using them. Nor does she care what they think of her promiscuity and lack of modesty. Life is, in her eyes, too short to spend worrying about prudes and moral guardians. She's also something of a sadomasochist, being distracted due to pain for other reasons than "normal" people, and enjoying inflicting it on others perhaps a bit too much.

After numerous frenzies in the heat of combat made worse by how her aura functions, Fayza was prescribed mood stabilizers to keep herself in check as her aura builds power. She flushes them down the toilet and pretends to take them, leading to the risk of losing sight of her goals and losing herself in the violence. One pill she does take, however, is an anti-anxiety pill for claustrophobia, but in the absence of her medication, she has coping mechanisms that one would logically think counterproductive. Nobody ever accused Fayza of being alright in the head, however. She can also be highly fickle, not liking to be tied down. (But she enjoys being tied up.) She is openly bisexual, not seeing the sense in ruling out half the dating pool because of what lies between their legs.

Outside of combat, Fay will generally lounge about in the sun or somewhere warm, passively rebuilding her energy if she expended a lot of power recently. If not, and she hasn't been roped into tending to actual responsibilities, she's seeking one or more of the four F's she lives for: Fun, Food, Fighting, and @$%&ing. All four are both currency and goal to her, and will often trade one for another, the means for another, or use them to get out of her other obligations. They are also physiological or psychological needs, having attention deficit problems, an extremely fast metabolism, difficulty regulating her aura, and hypersexuality. She will rarely be seen reading or studying, having difficulty reading and only hitting other resources when she really wants to know something, or has finally been pushed into actual student things that don't involve sticking pointy thing A into squishy bit B.

Fayza lives for the moment, and does so completely shamelessly. No authority, civil or moral, is considered in her pursuit of her goals.

Her former team is a minor sticking point only in that their deaths have cemented Fayza's philosophy in her mind. She doesn't particularly dwell on thier deaths as a great tragedy, having seen them as a bunch of stuck up pricks, but she misses them a bit. If anything, the death of her team and her stay in the hospital has taught her two things. First, don't get too attached to people. Second, don't put your life in the hands of idiots. Third, don't trust Fayza to relay an accurate count of Grimm. Fayza does not like numbers, and the feeling is mutual.

Fayza is, and she willingly admits this, kind of stupid regarding things like facts, or numbers. If she can't instinctually process it, she doesn't bother.

Fayza enjoys proudly recounting how her legendary Huntsman father personally took her before Professor Ozpin and told him that she was getting into  Beacon Academy, and he was so impressed by her that his face melted off, resulting in the very convincing prosthetic that he wears today. No matter how many times she's punished for this obvious lie, it only gets more and more ridiculous.

In truth, Fayza was the daughter of two businesspeople, and grew up moving from combat school to combat school when as a child she demonstrated a distinct and fundamental disagreement with mathematics, reading, and zero tolerance policies for violence. She grew up being sent to one psychiatrist after another, increasingly commonly as she started growing up.

While her academic studies were lacking, her combat skills were exemplary, and she was admitted to Beacon at the age of 17. Heading up Team FLAX, her team prospered despite the four being at each other's throats most of the time. Often literally, though the time Lars choked her doesn't count because she was into that. Despite being far from an ideal team, in the middle of their second year, they went on a class trip for an exam. Thanks to poor math skills on the part of their leader and faulty intel by their scout, Team FLAX was set upon by a large number of Beowolves. Lars Michael, Alban Klein, and Xavier Morrigan were killed, while Fayza was hospitalized for nine months, spending six of them in a coma, and the remaining three in painful rehabilitation and counseling. Even after release, she wasn't back up to full power, but with her parents' financial support she has spent many more months building her strength back up... between wild parties.

Now returning to Beacon, her focus is set on growing even stronger... and having a damn good time doing it. She has taken to carrying around food and devices to make life easier or more enjoyable for herself.

Fayza's ability is Redirection. She has extreme difficulty regenerating her Aura naturally, but it allows her to absorb heat, light, and electricity to charge it and redirect that energy elsewhere. She has to build up her absorption, however, so she risks damage by suddenly grabbing a high voltage wire, and how fast she can absorb energy depends on how much she's absorbed so far. By over-charging her soul, she can manipulate the momentum of herself or her thrown blades, burning aura to become fast, strong, resilient, and able to strike from unpredictable angles by redirecting motion. She sometimes takes advantage of this if she's already expended a lot of energy, keeping single-shot stun guns to painfully forcibly recharge her aura. The extra energy also supercharges her metabolism, allowing abnormally rapid healing provided she has had a good meal lately.

Because her Aura requires ambient energy to recharge, if she's burned Aura lately, she is often surrounded by the cold. If she gets too out of control, she may begin actively charging her Aura off of another person's.

Physically quite capable. Possesses powerful aura abilities. Not particularly bothered by pain. Has a lot of endurance and physical energy.

Poorly armored. Prone to losing control and going into a frenzy in a particularly "fun" fight. Easily distracted. Kind of a huge slut. Unreliable. Fairly stupid.


Al Adhara
Aura-Conducting Wire-Linked Blade Dispenser

Primary Form
Al Adhara takes the form of armor on her arms, each plating group containing several blades and spools of wire to replace the main set. The plate above her hands are the active set, with the blades made retractable, detachable, and hooked to small but powerful motors by the wires, allowing them to be reeled in. Or Fayza to reel herself toward them if they're hooked into something sturdy enough.

Alternate Function
The wires allow Fayza to transmit her Aura over them, enabling her to sap the energy or manipulate momentum, either keeping the daggers anchored or using them to throw someone or something remotely.

Al Adhara was officially built by Fayza during her time in school before comming to Beacon, but she recieved a great deal of help making it work from a much smarter student who had never had her first kiss, much less what Fayza did with her. Some of the principles behind the weapon were brought back by Fayza's parents when they visited a highly militaristic and xenophobic city state.

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Fayza Abd-al-Azid
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