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 Myung Wen Tai

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PostSubject: Myung Wen Tai   Myung Wen Tai Icon_minitimeSun Oct 27, 2013 6:02 am


Name: Myung Wen Tai

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Symbol: Tiger

Appearance: Stands at 5'7 (170cm) and weights 135lbs (61kg) She has a slender build and limbs, but well defined muscles. Auburn hair is worn shaved close on the left side and in long spikes on the right, with alternating spikes dyed black. A genetic anomaly, likely a distant Faunus relation, has even her yellow cat eyes. Because of this she is always seen wearing black aviator sunglasses.

Her clothing consists of a low cut black leather vest with dark blue jeans, combat boots, and long fingerless gloves in a tiger stripe pattern that rise to mid bicep. Her symbol is featured on the back of her vest. She will often swap out her vest for a tactical vest for combat. A series of tattoos decorate her arms and back. Images of Grimm and scenes of battle the most common motif.

Personality: Impertinent and rebellious with a very serious dislike of authority. She considers herself a hero of the common man owing, in part, to her own lower caste. Although often understanding and forgiving, she is quick to anger when she is slighted by someone she perceives as being a superior or better. With one sole exception. She approaches sex casually, but refuses all matters of commitment and serious relationships. A traditionalist when it comes to weapons, she sees dust, variable weapons, and their users as weak.

History: Once a full-time mother and wife, and part-time huntress Myung lived happily as part of a small remote village in the Mistral Kingdom while occasionally serving as an elite Huntress-for-hire. Born into a lower branch family, she struggled to prove herself to the main family for many years before finally deciding to ignore them completely and live her own life as she saw fit. She lived this way for many years until the age of 25 when she finally decided to settle down, got married and started a family. She soon gave birth to a son Quan followed, two years later, by a daughter named Ren.

Two years after Ren's birth Myung was called away to put down a large pack of Beowolves that was terrorizing another remote village. Upon her return she found her home and village in ashes and all members of her clan dead. The victims of a large army of bandits and raiders. After a long period of grieving in which she spent months killing anyone she suspected of involvement in the attack Myung traveled to Beacon Academy where the only other member of her clan attended.

Strength: Physically strong and fit. Vast battle experience. Skilled in swordsmanship and marksmanship. Improved night vision due to her cat eyes.

Weakness: Less agile than she used to be. Sleeps too much and can be quite lazy when not on a hunt. Her attitude often causes superiors to withdraw or refuse their support. Lack of variable weapons or dust slows her ability to change engagement ranges. Due to side effects of her semblance she is often twitchy and can easily lose concentration if she doesn't focus on what she is doing.

Semblance: Adrenal Rush. Gives a burst of adrenaline over a limited time. When used gradually it allows Myung to extend her stamina and strength to 1.5x their normal limits for approximately 4-5 minutes. When used in large bursts allows her to slow time slightly. She perceives the next 3 seconds as 6 seconds.


Name: Dāokǒu & Zǐdàn

Primary Weapon: Dāokǒu: A single edged, single hand saber with curves along the blade and handle for increased leverage while chopping or slashing. A Tiger is etched into either side of the steel blade.
Secondary Weapon: Standard QBZ-95-1 assault rifle. Chambered for a 5.56x45mm cartridge in a 30round magazine.

History: Myung forged Dāokǒu years ago while at Sanctum academy. Although repaired and reforged several times over the years, Myung refuses modify or improve the design. Zǐdàn simply refers to whichever gun, often an assault rifle, Myung favors at the time. The QBZ-95-1 is the 10th weapon to carry the name Zǐdàn.

Vehicle: Pika-Meow-Meow. While not technically a vehicle, Pika is Myung's loyal pet tiger turned faithful battle-cat steed. Pika is 8'8" (265cm) long including her tail and weights in at 350lbs (160kg) unburdened. She is armored in a steel cap over the head and close knit chain over sides and belly. Pika's saddle leather over wool and linen and has room for Myung and her gear.

Weapons: 350lbs of tiger

History: Myung found Pika 6 years ago as a newly birth kit who's mother and liter mates had been killed by Grimm. Myung nursed her back to health, originally planning to release her into the wild, but the tiger refused to leave. Eventually moving into the family's backyard. Taking this as a sign, Myung began training her to hunt and serve as her mount. Although originally named Yamapikaryaa, this proved impossible for the toddler Quan to pronounce and he promptly named her Pika-Meow-Meow. Pika took to her new name easily and now refuses to answer to anything else.

NOTES: color #CC6600


Chiu Fong Wong- 1st year student heir of a dead clan
Myung Wen Tai- Experienced huntress driven by vengeance
Rebecca Meskenas- 1st year student with a terrible fear of shirts
Tiaria Azurine- Punch happy 1st year student
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Looks good. Approved.
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Sounds good. Approved and Moved

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Myung Wen Tai
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