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 Noveria Lazulin

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Name: Noveria Lazulin

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Symbol: TBD

Occupation: First year student of Beacon

Appearance: Five foot 9 inches tall, weighing in at 128 lbs. Noveria is a Snow Leopard Faunus, and her ears and bushy tail are primarily white, though her tail has golden-brown rings running along it. Noveria's skin is extremely pale, though not quite alabaster, and she has a handful of small scars along her arms. Noveria's hair is neck-length, with a single streak of the same golden-brown hanging in her bangs. Her eyes are vivid orange, and are often active, watching for danger to herself and friends.. As she embraces her feral side more than most, she keeps all her teeth and claws sharpened, to the point where breaking skin is almost effortless for her. Her tongue is more like a cat's than a humans, almost sand-papery.

Noveria's typical outfit consists of a black, sleeveless, silk shirt, and she tends to wear a fur-lined, long, white jacket over top. Her lower body is covered by fur-lined, white cargo pants. She tends to wear white combat boots as well, which allows her to blend in to snowy climates fairly well. When walking around more friendly climates, and during combat, she often takes the jacket off.

Super-long history of things:
Personality: Noveria retained the instincts of a leader, and tries to remain in a position of dominance if she can help it. She would rather have people willingly submit to her, but she has no problem doing it by force. More often than not, a verbal announcement of submission is sufficient for her, but if someone won't submit willingly, she will try to force it out of them, often by biting their neck. With her teeth being so sharp, she tries to avoid biting any of her willing followers, though accidents do happen.

Being a predator, in both her mind and appearance, Noveria is alert at all times, being a very light sleeper. If harassed for no good reason, she will tend to react poorly, sticking either her nails or teeth in to the unfortunate soul. She remains a carnivore at heart, and will sometimes make light-hearted jokes about eating 'weaker' Faunus.

As a leader, she can be rather kind-hearted, not using her position to force anyone to listen to her, though she does command a level of respect. She tends to think of other feline-Faunus as her siblings, feeling extremely protective of them unless she knows they can handle themselves. The standing of other species of Faunus depends on their personalities and natures. If she feels they're a bigger predator than she is, she will either steer clear, or submit to them, depending on who exactly they are. If she feels they are weaker than her, however, she will dismiss them as a threat and possibly even befriend them.

Noveria is extremely suspicious and often aggressive towards humans. She feels that there is no reason to trust them, and tends to loop all of them in to the same group as the man who caged her. Now that she has grown up some, she will often attempt to tell them to stay away, though if they don't listen to her warnings, she will turn aggressive. She can usually hold herself back from any threats if it's someone that her pseudo-siblings cares for, but this may not always be the case.

During her leisure time, Noveria can often be found taking a nap, sunning herself, or even cuddling with pseudo-siblings of hers. If she has a good reason to be happy, those close to her physically may actually hear a throaty purr coming from her, though she denies these claims at all times. The only time she will completely close herself off from the world is at the holiday season, feeling too many emotions and re-experiencing too many bitter memories from the time period.

Strength: As a feline-Faunus, Noveria has superb senses, though her hearing is her greatest. If there aren't other sounds to distract her, she can often hear the heartbeats of a healthy person up to twenty feet away, even through solid objects. Her sense of sight is on par with most Faunus, giving her perfect night vision, and her sense of smell is above average for Faunus. She still maintains superb leadership instincts, though has a hard time being a leader sometimes. Her teeth and nails can give her an edge in unarmed combat, being sharp enough to draw blood with almost no effort on her part.

Another bonus of being a feline-Faunus are her superb mobility skills. She's extremely agile, finding it easy to dodge a lot of attacks, though bullets are beyond her. While her speed isn't the best, her stamina is far above average, giving her the ability to run for extremely long distances and periods of time. Her senses aid her ability to fight, allowing her to keep track of enemies in almost all situations.

Weakness: While her senses are a major strength, they also end up being her biggest weakness. Overwhelming any of her senses will hinder her, but overwhelming her hearing will often cause her significant amounts of pain. Noveria is not built to fight at long ranges, so anyone using that to their advantage would probably win in a fight. In addition, any kind of force applied to her tail will cause immense pain, potentially putting her out of a fight.

Noveria will often put herself in danger to protect anyone she cares for, even becoming blind with anger if someone is injured. She tends to fight fast, striking the opponent as much as possible, but leaves herself open to attack as a result. In addition, she has a problem with fighting multiple enemies, being unable to defend against attacks very well.

Semblance: Feral Roar. Noveria can amplify her vocal cords using her aura, releasing a roar that can invoke fear or stun weaker opponents. Using it too frequently can permanently damage her vocal cords, rendering her mute. The roar doesn't work on larger Grimm, but often works on things like Beowolves, Ursa, wild animals, and other people. The primary downside is the fact that it can have a negative impact on teammates, though anyone she knows well enough may feel more courageous after hearing it.


Name: Koroleva

Primary Form: A whip that takes on a metallic grey color. It's around five feet in length, and is rather lightweight. The whip is made from a titanium weave core, with sections covered in armor grade ceramic, that are spaced an inch apart. The ceramic sections are around 6 inches long, and three-quarters of an inch in diameter. The handle of the whip itself is a titanium core, wrapped in leather.

Secondary Form: By flipping a small switch near the top of the handle, small barbs will raise out of the ceramic areas. The barbs themselves are curved slightly, allowing them to catch clothing, skin, or even muscle and bone if exposed. However, they are only around a quarter of an inch long, and as such, are fairly easy to remove if able.

History: Found in one of the forests near Vale, Noveria is rather unsure of the origins of Koroleva. The weapon seems extremely advanced, potentially even the result of a military test. Koroleva seems extremely durable, and even faster than Noveria's eyes can keep up with. For some odd reason, the whip never seems to be able to strike Noveria, often missing by less than a few centimeters.

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Noveria Lazulin
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