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 Rebecca Meskenas

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PostSubject: Rebecca Meskenas   Rebecca Meskenas Icon_minitimeMon Dec 16, 2013 6:35 pm


Name: Rebecca Meskenas

Age: 17

Gender: Female Raccoon Faunus


Occupation: Beacon Academy Student (1st Year)

Appearance and Face Claim:
Standing at 5'7"(170cm) and weighing 115lbs(552kg) Rebecca is a very compact and light with relativly long limbs and long, slender, digits. She wears olive green leather pants with brown leather riding boots. Her top is a simple chest wrap with loose olive green silk sleeves from wrist to elbow and a matching silk scarf. Both the sleeves and scarf have small yellow tassels on the ends. She has chestnut colored, mid-back length hair, worn in either a single or twin tails. Her tail and ears are furred in the same shade, with black stripes on the tail and black tips on her ears.

History: Born and raised in Vale, Rebecca has always dreamed of being a huntress. Despite the various discrimination she has faced by the anti-faunus population of Vale, she as always been a happy girl, never letting others opinion get to her. It has influenced her opinion of some other faunus though. Rebecca sees anyone who tries to hide their faunus heritage as traitors and cowards. Making them the target of most of her pranks.

During her time at Signal Academy she developed a penchant for charity work, often spending time at homeless shelters, in an attempt to raise the opinions towards faunus.

Personality: Fun loving and happy, there is hardly a time when 'Becca doesn't have a smile on her face. Although she tries to be friends with everyone, she also doesn't bother caring about someone if it's obvious they don't care about her. You are either her best friend, or nothing at all. Unless, of course, you are a faunus in hiding. Then you are worst than nothing.

She is a prankster, mostly for fun, and never in a truly harmful way. Her most commonly used and trademark prank involves hooking an alarm clock to an air-horn, which is why she usually sleeps with earplugs. A fan of puns, she always adds and extra 'o' to any word spelled with 'con.' ie: "This is very coonfusing!"

Due to her Raccoon background, she has a bad kleptomania habit. It is never anything bad, often just small objects and knickknacks that catch her eye. Because of this she often invites her friends to go through her belongs to make she hasn't stolen anything from them.

Strength: Fast and agile with a high degree of dexterity.

Weakness: Kleptomaniac. Lacks physical strength. Easily distracted by shiny things. Not one to think things through.

Semblance: Eye-mask: Once activated Rebecca's eyes are shaded by a black patch  of skin that resembles a raccoon's natural coloring. During this time she is completely unrecognizable as being the same girl without the eye-mask. Assuming minimal activity while active, eye-mask can last for approximately 5 minutes while draining her aura.


Name: Nail-biter

Primary Form: Paired 12" long emeici(emei piercers) with heads shaped like raccoon paws.

Secondary Form: Each piercer expands into a round disk with a 12" circumfrance for defence.

History: Nailbiter was developed at Signal after Rebecca tried out many different weapons. All too heavy, too slow, or just didn't feel right. The added benefit of being small enough to carry at all times helps while Rebecca is out serving the community.

color: #669933


Chiu Fong Wong- 1st year student heir of a dead clan
Myung Wen Tai- Experienced huntress driven by vengeance
Rebecca Meskenas- 1st year student with a terrible fear of shirts
Tiaria Azurine- Punch happy 1st year student
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PostSubject: Re: Rebecca Meskenas   Rebecca Meskenas Icon_minitimeMon Dec 16, 2013 6:57 pm

Seems fine to me. Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Rebecca Meskenas   Rebecca Meskenas Icon_minitimeMon Dec 16, 2013 9:08 pm

A bit short, but detailed enough. Approved.

The Scaredy Cat - Isabelle Kyoto

The Armless Wonder - Vivian Palladino

The Quiet Trap - Cassidy Nyanza
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PostSubject: Re: Rebecca Meskenas   Rebecca Meskenas Icon_minitime

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Rebecca Meskenas
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